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How to Get Started

1.  Send Me an Email or Call

  • Please leave a brief message with your full name and contact number.

  • Let me know the day and time you are interested in and one alternative time.

  • Please let me know the grade level of your child.

  • Also, let me know of any concerns or information you wish to talk about.

3.  Parent & Child Introduction

  • Parent and child will have a ZOOM conversation with the teacher to familiarize the program.

  • I will help with any online and library issues.

  • (Optional) Parents can address any concerns without child present towards the end of interview.

2.  I Will Contact You

  • I will go over any of your concerns.

  • I will let you know how the program works.

  • Finalize program details, if you are interested.

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4.  I Will Start Teaching
     Your Child

  • Your child and I will start the lesson with all concerns and recommendations agreed upon.

  • (Optional) Parents are welcome to observe and interact with the lesson if they would like.

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