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" He is a devoted, forward-thinking teacher creating lessons where the students are excited and wanting to learn. He is passionate, patient, and incredibly committed to raising youth that will make a difference in this world."

Kia C.

Los Angeles Music Teacher


Lily C.

Confident Mature Woman

"While collaborating with Ben, I have found him to be a competent, talented teacher and a truly good person. Ben has repeatedly proved himself to be an individual who contributes to the positive collaboration among colleagues and his students."

Chicago Science & Health Teacher

Law Professional

"He is particularly inventive and creative, as well as a seasoned professional, which has resulted in enjoyable and whole-hearted learning environments. He is an asset and wise long-term investment to anyone who is fortunate enough to hire him."

Darwin G.

Chicago Public School Principal


"His lessons are tailored to the emotional, social, and cognitive abilities of any group of students. He radiates calm while managing an atmosphere of mutual respect, and as a result, he gets his lessons across with a high degree of success."


Eastman F.

Chicago Media & Technology Teacher


"Each lesson was carefully prepared, but what impressed me most was the time Ben took to keep each child on task and learning. He made every effort to bring each one of them to an understanding of the concept."

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Joan B.

Illinois University Lecturer /

Principal / Teacher

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