my little story

Reading was my muse,

my inspiration.

     It's not what you might think, I was the worst reader as a child. I stumbled through words consistently without remembering what I've read. I found out that I was going blind. Doctors told my parents it was only a matter of time before I could not see. Processing information and understanding was like climbing the highest mountain.

​     The way I was able to get through this was from endless love from family, friends, therapists, teachers, doctors, and the list goes on. The obstacles took the course of time, but I have learned a lot. As I look back at the hardship of my past, it was probably the best opportunity I had to become the person that I love today.

     Now recovered and accepting life's difficulties, I have adapted to a kinder way of learning or receiving the world. I use my experiences to help other children evolve and grow in a way that their mind works best for them. Now I can share this knowledge, love, and wisdom that was given to me to benefit our children.

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