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Truth & Kindness

I’ve been working in the field for over the past 20 years helping children with reading difficulties and those looking to further their growth.


My level of work involves:

  • Rebuilding and developing children’s reading skills (Kindergarten - 8th Grade)

    • Which includes: Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Phonics, Phonological, and Phonemic Awareness

  • Relieve and manage learning anxiety related to educational processing issues

  • Integrating children back to “at level” reading material

  • Helping children find joy in reading and learning new material

  • Working with Special Needs children with cognitive, auditory, and visual processing issues


  • Licensed in California: Reading, Language Arts & Science - CA License #160073413

  • Licensed in Illinois: Reading, Language Arts & Science - IL License #2452470

  • BA Elementary Education K – 9th Grade – Governors State University, IL


What I Do: Individual Online Instructional Reading Support

My approach is to listen, look, and find specific issues that create problems or missed concepts that hinder my student's reading capabilities. My methodology is gentle, respectful, and exploratory in finding relief when children encounter their reading frustrations. I allow them to grow with the acceptance of their natural abilities and discover a process that works best for them.

Ultimately, my goal is to build solid foundations for my students and create happiness through self-directed learning. I teach my students to believe in their greatness so they can obtain the education they need to succeed.

Support Your Child’s Current Reading Program –

  • Individualized Quality Lessons designed to boost reading levels, reinforce self-confidence and relieve anxiety when reading

  • Reading level evaluation (monitored over child’s frustration level)

  • Lessons designed in relation to state and national reading standards


Building Multiple Skill Sets –

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Phonics

  • Comprehension

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Phonemic Awareness


Create tools to help your child –

  • Become more resourceful

  • Strengthen areas of uncertainty

  • Build solid foundations in all skill sets


Relieve & Manage Learning Anxiety -

  • Understanding the child’s history with learning

  • Develop systems and processes that produce positive momentum

  • Deconstructing unnecessary coping practices and rebuilding self-esteem


Helping Parents Understand How Their Child Learns -

  • Transparency with parents /communication about the child’s progress

  • Sharing unknown issues or learned coping mechanisms that inhibit the child’s learning

  • Teach a learning style that works best for the child


Free Online Book Resource -

  • The child will receive a free license to an online reading library where I will select specific groups of books to help with the child’s reading progress (Learning A-Z / Raz Kids).

Elementary Reading Specialist - All Grade Levels and Special Needs Children - Focusing on Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Phonics, Phonological and Phonemic Awareness - Supporting Children with Learning & Emotional Difficulties (310) 405-0352
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