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The key to unlocking

my student's potential.

I help my students fall in love with what they are learning.             

                                 ~Ben Munoz

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Ben Muñoz



     During the past 20 years, I've been teaching elementary students how to build stability in reading. I provide educational services to children facing reading difficulties and to those looking to further their growth.

    My approach is to listen, look, and find specific issues that create problems or missed concepts that hinder my students reading capabilities. My methodology is gentle, respectful, and exploratory in finding relief when children encounter their reading frustrations. I allow them to grow with the acceptance of their natural abilities and discover a process that works best for them.

    My intention is to create expansion in my students' lives. My process is to allow my students to explore their natural abilities and apply them to the struggles we have all encountered. Supporting their well-being builds confidence, a healthy mind, and a happy life. I believe we can allow our genius to flow through when we have learned to free ourselves of self-judgment and have internalized self-love.

    Ultimately, my goal is to build solid foundations for my students and create happiness through self-directed learning. I teach my students to believe in their greatness and obtain the education they need to succeed. Not just the ability to read, but more importantly, to believe in themselves.

    It is a pleasure to develop kind-hearted students, build supportive learning environments, and cultivate the joy in learning. My heart goes out to all children so that they may enjoy the art of reading.

Along with my curriculum, I help students:
·        Focus on problem-solving
·        Relieve and manage anxiety
·        Build momentum by finding their joy in learning

    I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the contributions I will provide for your child. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Roosevelt University, IL

Governors State University, IL

Degree:  BA Elementary Education K - 9

48 years old

Teacher / 20+ years


Reading /

Language Arts



Elementary Education

K - 9

(All Subjects)

  • 2016 - Present  - Private Reading Teacher

    • (Brentwood, CA - Malibu, CA - Palisades, CA - Santa Monica, CA - Sherman Oaks, CA)

      • K - 3 Reading

      • 4 - 6 Reading

      • K - 8 Special Needs Reading / Mentor

  • 2006 - 2016 - Chicago, IL

    • Mary Lyon Elementary School

      • K - 3 Reading Teacher

      • K - 6 Technology Teacher

      • K - 6 Special Needs Technology Teacher

      • Director of Technology

  • 2005 - 2006 - Blue Island, IL

    • Veterans Memorial Middle School

      • 6th Grade Science Teacher

      • 6th Grade Social Studies & Reading Teacher

  • 2004 - 2005 - Park Forest, IL

    • Talala Elementary School

      • 4th Grade Teacher / Reading Teacher

  • 2002 - 2004 - Orland Park, IL

    • Arnold W. Kruse Education Center

      • 3rd Grade Teacher / Reading Teacher

  • 1994 - 2003 - Chicago, IL

    • Private Music Teacher / Classical Guitar

    • Volunteer in Education (All Subjects)

    • Physical Education / Soccer

Experience & Support with:





Processing Deficits




Visual processing


Problem Solving


Down Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD 1,2,3)

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